Santa Teresa is well known as a perfect surf spot consistent all year, it is recognized worldwide as having some of the finest surfing conditions in Costa Rica due to the sub tropical weather.

World class waves, suitable for any degree of surfing experience is provided by a fantastic beach break. All surfers from beginner to professional will find his ride in this portion of the pacific ocean. The waves which come from the right and the left make for fast, powerful, hollow rides.With varying swells coming from the north-west, west and south west and with a wind westerly wind direction, the surfing conditions here are absolutely amazing going from glassy morning to offshore afternoom.

Our hotel is located just a few steps from the main surf spot of playa santa teresa, this beach break produces a frame consistent peaks.

But also there is an abundance of beachbreak and reef breaks in the Santa Teresa area and surroundings.

You will have access to playa Carmen by either walking the beach or get a short bicycle ride, playa Hermosa is at 20 minutes bicycle ride but really worth the move.

Lessons are available for all levels from the Meli Melo Hotel, we also purpose a wide range of surfboards, bodyboards and fishing gear for rent, try our rack access where you can change surfboads as much as you want during your stay.

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